Who is KESHO?

Kenya Society of Haematology and Oncology (KESHO) was founded in 2002.
Its main objectives at inception were:

  1. To be a catalyst for research in cancer and blood diseases
  2. To help improve patient care and stimulate capacity building for cancer care both regionally and nationally.
  3. To provide physicians involved in diagnosis and treatment of cancer and blood diseases with a forum to discuss ideas for purposes of improving practice and outcomes.

Our Leadership

Leadership/Scientific Committee
Dr Sitna Mwanzi
Dr Asim Jamal
Prof Nicholas Abinya
Scientific Committee
Dr Andrew Odhiambo
Mr David Makumi
Dr Fred Chite
Organising Committee
Dr.Catherine Nyongesa
Mr Fred Asige
Dr Zipporah Ali
Dr Ann Korir
Dr Anthony Nderitu
Dr Peter Oyiro