The 4th Kenya International Cancer Conference

Theme: Taking Cancer Care to the Community
24-26 November 2016 | Acacia Premier, Kisumu, Kenya.

In partnership with Maseno university, KESHO hosted its 4th International Cancer Conference this time in Kisumu, Kenya. The 2016 Conference brought together oncologists and other healthcare professionals involved in or with an interest in cancer, cancer advocacy groups, healthcare policy and financing agencies to present on the following topics:

Cancer prevention, screening, early detection

  • The fight against cancer - Screening, prevention and treatment.
  • Environmental protection in cancer prevention.
  • Diet, lifestyle and cancer

Cancer Epidemiology and Diagnostics

  • Burkitt’s lymphoma and the Eastern African ecosystem.
  • Cancer epidemiology in East Africa - the Lake Victoria plateau and the Indian Ocean coastal lowlands.
  • Management of HIV/AIDS-related cancers
  • Role of PET/CT in cancer management.
  • How can we leap frog technology for cancer diagnosis in sub-Saharan Africa?

Palliative Care

  • Establishment of palliative care centres in Eastern Africa - Challenges and Successes.
  • How to strengthen multidisciplinary cancer care in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Establishing networks for cancer care and research in sub-Saharan Africa
  • The role of spirituality in cancer care: The pros and cons.
  • Communicating/breaking bad news/telling the diagnosis.

Cancer Control Planning

  • Establishment of comprehensive cancer care including high dose chemotherapy in sub-Saharan Africa – the hurdles and prospects.
  • Challenges in increasing radiotherapy facilities in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Establishment of County cancer care.
  • Capacity building for cancer care in Eastern Africa.
  • Where is sub-Saharan Africa in in the era of personalized cancer therapy?
  • Access to cancer care in sub-Saharan Africa: The challenges and bottlenecks; the prospects.
  • Role of Ministries of Health in Africa in Cancer Care.
  • Challenges of alternative Cancer care; to integrate or not to integrate with conventional care?
  • Exponential Growth of the Medical Tourism Industry: Curse or Blessing?

The conference saw in attendance over 200 participants from 8 different countries around the world.

The following were the main sponsors of the conference.

Takeda The Nairobi Hospital Tassen Kenya Htexas Novartis Roche

Twenty four exhibitors participated in this conference.

  • Takeda
  • Cancer Alliance
  • TCC
  • Ampath Oncology
  • GE
  • Lancet
  • Nairobi Hospital
  • Acino Switzerland
  • Uwezo
  • Belaire
  • Alexandria
  • Eli Lilly
  • Henzo
  • Medserv
  • Novartis
  • Salama Pharmacy
  • Max Foundation
  • Generics Africa
  • Janssen Kenya
  • Sunpar Pharma
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Becton Dickinson
  • KNH

A total of 187 registered for the conference, 158 attended. Twelve (12) international delegates attended the conference.

graph 2016


Find below the programme for the 4th Kenya International Cancer Conference 2016.

Find below the report for the 4th Kenya International Cancer Conference 2016.

The photos for the 2016 Kenya International Cancer Conference are available on the link below.

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