Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Date: 28th March 2019 | Venue: Panafric Hotel

Prof. Nicholas Abinya Medical Oncologist and Dr. Anne Mwirigi Haematologist gave stimulating perspectives on their care of patients with AML in a public versus a private setting. This led to discussions on collaborations on improving standards of care in our country and in particular with regards to supportive care and financing. KESHO is now engaging with NHIF and the NCCP to outline a treatment package for these patients that factor other costs apart from direct chemotherapy drugs.

Date: 28th February 2019 | Venue: Panafric Hotel

In line with the launch of the Kenya Cancer Screening guidelines, Dr Andrew Odhiambo Medical Oncologist and Dr Primus Ochieng Clinical Oncologist presented on their perspectives on the new guidelines and their experience in other settings outside of Kenya. The Screening Guidelines are available at this link:

Date: 31st January 2019 | Venue: Panafric Hotel

We started off the year discussing the most common cancer in women in Kenya and worldwide with two presentations. Dr Miriam Mutebi Surgical Oncologist gave an update on the surgical techniques of breast cancer management and Dr Njoki Njiriani Clinical Oncologist talking on new therapies for advanced hormone positive breast cancer.


Continuing Medical Education


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