Philip Odiyo Ouma is a Psychologist with interest and expertise in Psycho-Oncology. His passion for Psycho-Oncology began 15 years ago at Kisumu Hospice. Besides having a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, he is currently studying for a doctoral degree at Erasmus Medical Centrum University (Netherlands) at the Department of Radiation Oncology. Philip was selected for a Clinical Observership and training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York under the Union for International Cancer Control Fellowship in 2014. Besides, his work at Psycho-Oncology he is a former committee member of the Early Career Psycho-Oncology Professionals’ Group and a member of the IPOS Federation. Philip is also a fellow at the Association of Union for International Cancer Control Fellows and was awarded Naomi Stearns Fellow in 2018 for his role in developing psychosocial oncology in Kenya. Philip was elected in 2019 as a Director representing Africa at the International Psycho-Oncology Organization. Besides his work at IPOS  Philip is currently working with TrueNTH international to develop International Guidelines For Sexual Healthcare in Prostate Cancer Survivorship under Movember Foundation.

Philip Odiyo is currently the Secretary for Prostate Cancer Support Association in Kenya and a founding member of Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations; he is also the founding Chairman of Psycho-oncology Society of Kenya and the founding Vice President of Association for Psycho-Oncology Society in Africa.

Philip has presented in several International Psycho-Oncology meetings in Rotterdam (2013), Portugal (2014) and Berlin (2017). He has been actively involved in IPOS Academies Africa beginning with Durban (2013), Marrakech (2015) and Kigali (2016). As the Chairman of Psycho-Oncology Society of Kenya he facilitated and co- ordinated the second Association for Psycho-Oncology in Africa Conference in Nairobi in 2018. Besides his extensive work in Psycho-oncology, Philip is currently working with A Fresh Chapter Organization to accelerate training and empowerment of cancer advocates in Kenya to be drivers of change in their community through self-healing and advocacy. Philip was recently elected as a Kenyan Representative to European Consortium for Arts Therapies and Education in 2020.

Philip Odiyo is also a reviewer in various Journals such as:  The Breast Journal, Supportive Care in Cancer, e-Cancer and Editorial board member for Psycho-Oncology: Journal of Psychological, Social and behavioural dimensions of cancer.