Research Committee

For cancer to be conquered in Africa, and for Kenyan scientists to contribute to the global understanding of cancer prevention and control, a new cadre of researchers must be nurtured. There are many steps in this process: developing or enhancing research training programs; mentoring researchers through research training at multiple levels; development of research infrastructure; creating academic tracks within institutions that will allow researchers to work in a setting that is conducive to research; and creating sustainable funding and resource models that will enable capacity for research.

While these goals may not be attained rapidly or easily, this sub-Committee for Cancer Research represents one small step in disseminating principles for cancer research to our local scientists. We aim to serve as a guide for those who want to develop or expand careers in research in Kenya, including non-Kenyan scientists, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and advocacy groups.

The sub-Committee is currently being steered by Professor Nicholas Othieno-Abinya. Prof. Abinya is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Nairobi Hospital Cancer Centre, and Co-Founder of the Kenya Society of Haematology and Oncology.

Committee Roster